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Ann and I became Foreverpreneurs in July 1996 and we have achieved phenomenal success.

Like many who get invited to become Foreverpreneurs, both Ann and I were indeed sceptical, but after some thorough research and upon deciding to just do it, we decided that failure was not an option.

“When we started out there was an urgent need to make £2,000 a month so that we could continue with our Sailing Yacht build project without having to continue to work our stressful jobs but within two years, we were on more money than we both earned in our full time jobs."

"What started out as a little part time hobby business has developed into a way of life that we love..."

Both of us are always grateful to Ann's best friend Wendy who gave us a brochure to read all those years ago, and for her to push us into seriously investigating becoming a Foreverpreneurs as a way to make our dream of owning a sailing yacht and sailing around in sunnier climates possible.

The really massive reward is the peace of mind that comes from playing our part in helping others to achieve the same. It’s all been a bit like a beautiful dream that has no ending.

“To have been able to mentor all our leaders in our team and see them grow in their own right has been a real privilege. We now enjoy a lifestyle and security that most people only dream of."

If you’d like to know how you can be a Foreverpreneur we would be glad to tell you. Just click the click here to learn more.