Are You ready for a New Way of Working?

In 1996 Ann and I were invited to investigate a little known Business Model that today has £20 billion a year in retail sales throughout Europe. Right now you have the opportunity to do exactly the same and decide if this model could be the vehicle to build your own life around your dreams. 

We didn't want to wait for retirement, we wanted to do it all now.

When we started our business, there was an urgent need to replace our salaries so that we could continue with our Sailing Yacht build project without having to continue to work our stressful jobs. Within two years, we were on more money than we both earned in those full time jobs.

A further 3 years on, our Sailing Yacht Ruffles Spray was launched and we left the UK to meander around the Mediterranean. Both of us spend most of the year on our Yacht and still continue to invite people to look at the opportunity as an alternative to their 9-5 jobs."

"Incredible for ‘ordinary people’ like us but true …what started out as a little very part time hobby business turned into a life changing business."

We are always grateful to Ann's best friend Wendy who gave us a brochure to read all those years ago and for her to push us into seriously investigating this business as a way to make our dream of owning a sailing yacht and sailing around in sunnier climates possible.

"What started out as a little part time hobby business has developed into a way of life that we love."

Are You Ready For A New Way Of Working?

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