5 Reasons to Quit Your Job In 2019 – Reason 4

5 Reasons to quit your Job
Reason 4 – Less daily stress: 

  • Get a good Education,
  • Get Married.
  • Buy a house.
  • Work hard and Save.
  • Retire and enjoy Yourself.
  • It’s the life generations took for granted.

But, according to the Daily Mail there is a seismic change under way.5 Reasons to quit your Job

Everything is changing; all of us are being squeezed by ever rising food prices, pitiful saving rates, vanishing pensions and the huge increases in energy costs.

Last year the Spectator warned that ‘the lifestyle that the average earner had half a century ago — a reasonably sized house, dependable healthcare, a decent education for the children and a reliable pension — is becoming the preserve of the rich’.

These days most families have to tighten the belt more and more sacrificing a lot of the pleasures that made up their quality lifestyle.

Since the crash in 2008 the average earner has seen his or her income shrink by 10% or more.

Many recent and not so recent reports have found that by the end of this decade first time buyers will need to stump up a £60,000 deposit for their home but finding the money is becoming harder and harder.

All this is causing more and more stress in our lives, stress that leads to worry which perhaps leads to arguments, illness and more.

It’s not all bad news the majority of people are happy to work hard, hold down a second job, or do what it takes to earn that extra ‘lifestyle’ money however, the good old days are definitely over and only one thing is for certain and that on thing is change.

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