Launch Day 31 July 2001

Ann’s daughter Kathryn, my sister Karen, my mother Ilse, Roly and Rowan, Wendy & Franc, John and Joyce, and other friends arrived for the launch early the next day. For ten months we had heard the roar of the travel hoist going backward and forward collecting boats for launch and today was our turn. The […]

Engine System

Ford 2.5 FSD

Once the cabin sole was in and the foam insulation sprayed I next turned my attention to the engine compartment. Our engine was to be a 2.5 litre 61 hp Ford, marinised by Lancing Marine. It was a tedious job to get Lancing Marine to not only quote me for an engine but also to […]

Hydraulic Steering Fiasco

After all this was finished I fitted the hydraulic steering and the rudder. Ann and I then commenced bleeding the system. Ann had to turn the steering wheel one way while I filled the reservoir. Ok no problem we thought I filled then Ann turned.  A big bang and we had hydraulic oil all over […]

Painting Disasters

Then it was time to paint the boat. So I telephoned Blakes Paint and was put through to their advice department.I was told to buy a hygrometer to measure humidity and a thermometer to measure the air temperature. No problem. I then was advised not to paint if the humidity was over 65%.  Ok I […]

A Sad Day

Unfortunately Ann’s Mum died on the 14 February 2001. She was a wonderful woman who had had a great life we still miss her dearly. We did not feel like doing any more work on Spray.Ann’s brother, Nigel arrived from South Africa where he had been living for 25 years. Not the best of times […]

Fitting Out

So the question now was where to begin. The last three years were spent on steel work and now I had to re program my mind to think about the various sub systems that I needed to install before launch. First thing was to fix all the batons onto the frames, bulkheads and floor beams. […]