Lefkas Island, Greece to Auxonne, France

Lefkas IslandOver the last three months Ann and I have completed a voyage on our Sailing Yacht Ruffles Spray from Lefkas, Greece to Auxonne, France.

The voyage was via Paxos, Corfu, Orthoni Island, Santa Maria de Leuca, Crotone, Roccella Ionica, Straights of Messina, Reggio Calabrio, Vibo Vallencia, Centraro, Accoroli, Procida Island, Nettuno, Rome, Giglio Island, Elba Island, all in Italy.Voyage - Lefkas to Auxonne

Then crossing from Elba to Macineggio on Corsica then Calvi Corsica and finally Port Saint Louis du Rhone. In Port St Louis we had the masts removed and strapped to the deck.

We then headed into the Rhone River to negotiate the 12 locks Rhone locks which are all huge including the 28 meter high Bollene lock.

After the final Rhone lock, Pierre Benite, in Lyon we then headed into the more calm River Rhone with its 6 locks and the voyage ended in our final destination for this year, Auxonne.

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Mike & Ann

Mike & Ann Ruffles have been Foreverpreneurs since 1996, they live on their Sailing Yacht in France most of the year. Both are passionate about helping people to live a healthier, wealthier lifestyle. You can reach them on Facebook Here.

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