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lisa1-300x123My background is in the retail industry where I worked for 16 years. But the challenge of juggling the unsociable hours alongside raising my two young daughters was beginning to take its toll, and I wanted weekends with my family rather than being at work.

So in June 2013, I decided to leave my retail job. I also have a huge passion for music and wanted to spend more time on this. I had the opportunity to work from home in an admin role supporting my husband in his electrical business, but this meant sacrificing what had been a stable income.

I registered as a Foreverpreneur at the end of January 2014 after seeing an ex-work colleague of mine sharing her Clean 9 results. I was curious and we got chatting about life, and she shared the Business Opportunity with me as she thought it might interest me. After an hour’s conversation, I knew I had nothing to lose and completely trusted in what Gemma was saying.

If it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me, and I knew from that night this opportunity could be a life-changer. I remember coming home from the school run to listen to an online business presentation and getting to work straight away. I don’t even think I took my coat off that day – I was so excited! I was nervous too; I didn’t have a clue how network marketing worked and thought, “Who is my network?”

But after my first product launch, I just started to talk to everyone about the products and the Business Opportunity. Being a Foreverpreneur has given me so much more than I had ever thought possible in the first year of my business, ending the year having achieved so many company incentives including Earned Incentive, Eagle Manager, Global Rally and being a Chairman’s Bonus qualifier. Reaching Senior Manager in December was the icing on the cake!

Helping others is the most rewarding part of this business and one of my Managers, a single mum, has now reached a point in her business where she has been able to give up her day job. This is what motivates me and gets me up every day to work the business and share this amazing opportunity with others.

If you’d ever like to know how you can be a Foreverpreneur I’d be glad to tell you.  Just click here to learn more. Meanwhile, here are three more Foreverpreneur stories.
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Mike & Ann

Mike & Ann Ruffles have been Foreverpreneurs since 1996, they live on their Sailing Yacht in France most of the year. Both are passionate about helping people to live a healthier, wealthier lifestyle. You can reach them on Facebook Here.

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