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bilalI have been working as a medical writer and editor in the pharmaceutical industry since late 2006, and I set up my own consultancy in early 2011 after I had the (mis)fortune of being made redundant twice in the space of nine months, first in Germany due to restructuring, and then in the UK because the company closed. I decided then that I would take and retain full control of my life – my life, my rules!

I was introduced to Foreverpreneurs in early 2012. Initially, I was very sceptical about the products because of my industry background in pharmaceuticals.

However, the beneficial effects of the products on my health and wellbeing, and the effects on my mother’s, seriously made me consider the business.

I have always been motivated by the idea of helping others, and I now had a gift which could help people with their wealth, health and time, and make them feel valued. I had to overcome many obstacles and setbacks on my journey to Manager, with various things going wrong, from parking tickets to car accidents!

I became Supervisor in February 2013, but then my business stalled even though I was sponsoring every month. I then realised that if I was to succeed, I had to change, so I actively began my personal development, shifted my focus from myself to my team and took responsibility in training them in January 2014.

I became Assistant Manager in the third week of January and Manager just three weeks later.

“My goals are to go for every incentive and promotion in the Marketing Plan, and in the words of Sir Winston Churchill, ‘Never, never, never give up!’ “

My immediate goals are to continue developing and helping my team. I look for a determined, motivated and learning attitude, ambition, and a need/want to succeed.

I have been blessed with some fantastic leaders in my team who have all of these traits, and nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing them achieve the success and recognition they deserve, to be more successful than me, and be recognised and celebrated on stage.

Personally, I know that if I help my team achieve what they want, I will achieve what I want. My goals are to go for every incentive and promotion in the Marketing Plan, and in the words of Sir Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never give up!”

If you’d ever like to know how you can be a Foreverpreneur I’d be glad to tell you.  Just click here to learn more. Meanwhile, here are three more Foreverpreneur stories.

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