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Lots of people ask me “Mike, what do you do for a living?” or “Mike, what is your profession?” or “How come you don’t have a job?” or “How can you spend all your time on your sailing yacht?” or a combination of those questions.

I say, you know what I do is really simple and easy, it’s something that you have done a thousand times in your life.

Let me ask you have you ever recommended something to someone else? A film, a restaurant, a holiday destination, a car, a drink, a hairdresser, a shampoo, a soap, an aftershave, have you ever done that?

How much training did you receive before you recommended that something? In other words did your Mum or your Dad take you aside one day when you came home from school and teach you, train you how to recommend something?

No, it’s something we all learned as we were growing up, no formal training, no one taught us to do it, we just do it. We find a something we like and we tell others about it.

I recommend things to people which I like and use, we’ve all done it and we all do it sometimes on a daily basis.

What did you get for that recommendation?


That’s the only difference, that’s why I call it my profession and not just a recommendation, when I recommend I get money for doing it, I get money each and every month, I’ve been getting paid for recommending for over 18 years.

Maybe you can be in my profession too, maybe you should change over to my side, change over to my team and be in the profession of recommending, in a profession where you get paid for doing what you alreajob-cutdy do.

Let’s get back to that original question how much training do you need to be in my profession and quit your job in 2015?

We’ve already established that every one of us recommends stuff already, without any formal training, without needing a degree.

This means that you already have the skills to do what my wife and I have done for the past 18 years.

When my wife and I joined the recommendation profession eighteen years ago I started part time, alongside my day job, an hour here an hour there, in the nooks and crannies of day to day life. Then when my monthly new profession income exceeded that of my day jobs I quit that job and haven’t looked back.

Here’s where you could, if you choose, do exactly what Ann and I did all those years ago, we looked at a short introduction video, we decided it looks interesting and attended a overview presentation. Then we decided to run with it.

If you’d ever like to know how you can change careers without affecting your financial security, I’d be glad to tell you here. Meanwhile, here are three success stories.


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Mike & Ann

Mike & Ann Ruffles have been Foreverpreneurs since 1996, they live on their Sailing Yacht in France most of the year. Both are passionate about helping people to live a healthier, wealthier lifestyle. You can reach them on Facebook Here.

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