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layla2-300x209Soaring Manager, Leyla Kemal, began her journey as a Forevertrepreneur 11 years ago when she registered to take advantage of the wholesale discount. She had no intention of building a business, but now has a flourishing team of international Forevertrepreneurs.

When Leyla Kemal registered, she was running her own accountancy firm with her husband. She had no inkling that her family-run business would lead to a life-changing and exciting career in direct selling.

It all began when one of Leyla’s employees had been complaining of digestive discomfort and a client brought in one of the products in the range because she thought it might help.

She had amazing results and decided to sign up as a Forevertrepreneur, simply so that she could buy the gel at a discounted price. Then a new product came out and she thought Leyla might be interested in trying it, as she’d had some joint problems over the years after a car accident when she was a teenager.

“I went along to a product launch,” recalls Leyla, “and my first order was massive.

I had something for my daughter, my husband and for me – it came to over £170. When they mentioned that you could join and get the products at a discounted price, I was interested, but I didn’t really want to do the business.

We already had our own business to run.” But once Leyla had tried the products for herself, she began to recommend them to friends and family and this soon naturally progressed into running a Forevertrepreneur business of her own.

Her business began to gain momentum quite quickly and Leyla was a Manager within two months of signing up. Although Leyla’s journey to Soaring Manager may seem pretty straightforward, it was actually far from plain-sailing, and she met many challenges along the way.

“I thought everything was going to be easy,” she explains, “but there were some challenges.”There were team members who were doing well but then stopped working the business, and there were times when it felt like everybody around her was excelling, except for her.

But her determination and commitment meant that Leyla did not let setbacks like this put her off, she simply carried on working hard.

She made up her mind to ensure she generated 4CCs every month and went to every business presentation to keep her motivated and on track with planning.

Motivational literature has also played a part in Leyla’s success and she listens to authors like Jim Rohn and Tim Barrett in the car on her way to product launches, meetings and Success Expresses.

“I read lots and lots of books. I don’t think there are any CDs or books that I haven’t already got!” she says. And Leyla is acutely aware of the benefits of having such a flexible career, especially when family commitments require your absolute attention.

“I did slow down at the beginning of last year when my mum had a stroke,” she says. “I visited her in Cyprus four times last year. But I always tell myself when I’ve had time off that I have to work double hard to make up for it.” And being a Forevertrepreneur has allowed her the freedom to make the most of happier times too.

“I enjoyed being able to take time off when my daughter was getting married. I went to get the dress for her from Turkey – because I’m Turkish Cypriot and our weddings are really big!” She is also a fan of not having to work the standard nine-to-five day.

“I can work in the afternoons and the evenings – I do hate to get up early in the morning!”

But ultimately, it’s having the ability to empower people to improve their way of living that really drives Leyla to continue to build her growing empire.

“Nothing gives you that sense of happiness like helping to change people’s lives. I’d like to touch many more people’s lives and the next goal on our list will be Diamond Sapphire Manager,” she says.

Leyla also wants to continue to improve her health and wellbeing as she has seen a remarkable change in her condition since taking an interest in nutritional supplements. And last but not least, Leyla would like to make the most of the amazing travel opportunities Forever offers.

“One of my ambitions is to see the world, so this business fits that perfectly,” she says. “I’d just like to say thank you to my fantastic team members, uplines and crosslines. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone.”

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